The Best One Hour Glasses in DFW

A full eye exam, new lenses, and your choice of frames, from affordable to top-end luxury and designer options.

What are one hour glasses?

Get an eye exam, prescription lenses, and fresh frames to match – eye glasses in one hour or less, guaranteed.

One-hour glasses at VC Vision means just what it should. You can walk into our store and, one hour later, walk out with a new set of prescription glasses that are just right for you.

For us, it also means attentive service, high-quality designer frames that match your budget, and personalized care from our owner, optometrist, and staff members.

Here’s How 1-Hour Glasses Works At VC Vision

With our three-step process, you can have your one pair of prescription glasses in one hour or less


Get a Hassle-Free Eye Exam (15 minutes)

Our optometrist, who has more than 20 years of experience, will give you a thorough examination. It will take around 15 minutes, and when you finish, we’ll give you a prescription.


Choose Your Frames (15 minutes)

We offer a range of frames, with designer brands like Gucci, Versace, Oakley, and Ray-Ban, in addition to quality affordable options. With the best selection of frames in North Fort Worth, we’ve got something that works for you.

If you can’t decide, our owner or a member of our staff will help you select your frames. With personalized help, you can have new frames within 15 minutes (but if you want to take longer than that, you’re welcome to). We aim to give you a shopping experience that’s responsive and personal.

We Cut Your Lenses (10 minutes)

It will take 10-15 minutes for us to cut your prescription lenses and attach them to your glasses. Some custom lenses may take longer than one hour — but we’ll get them done as fast as possible and let you know how it’s going every step of the way.

  • Cut right here in our office
  • Match your frames
  • Adjusted for the perfect fit

When that’s done, you’re all set. You can walk out with new glasses in one hour or less. Trust us; we’ve done the math.


Call Ahead! We can have your glasses ready in 30 minutes.

Just give us a call to let us know what time you’re going to come in, and we can get the process started for you ahead of time.

And if you’ve had a vision test performed somewhere else, you can bring us your prescription. We’ll still help you choose a pair of frames that work for you, then we’ll cut your lenses. In these cases, we can usually have your glasses ready in 30 minutes.

Bring the Whole Family for Same Day Glasses

VC Vision is a family optical center. Our optometrist and attentive staff are skilled and knowledgeable in helping customers of all ages. We also have a special selection of children’s glasses.

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