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A full eye exam, new lenses, and your choice of frames, from affordable to top-end luxury and designer options.

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Seamlessly clear vision with contact lenses custom-fit for natural, weightless comfort.

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Personalized eye care from Fort Worth’s finest optometrists, with 20 years treating children and adults.

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About Us

My name’s Vinny. I grew up here in Fort Worth, and I’m the owner of VC Vision.

Since 2013, it’s been my dream to offer the first true luxury optical experience for our community – an unmatched selection of designer frames, top-quality eye care, and a new standard of customer service.

Come see us for an eye exam, contacts, or shop for a fresh pair of high-end frames, always at a fair price.

– Vinny Coronado


“Awesome quick service, offering designer brands and economical options as well. Excellent precision on my script — totally recommend!”


Are eye exams and glasses covered by insurance?

VC Vision is a “no insurance, no problem” optical shop. Instead, we provide same-day service and help our customers find the best pair of glasses at the best prices in town.

How do I know if I need an eye exam?

Headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, nearsightedness, and farsightedness are all signs that you need an eye exam.

Symptoms may be subtle, so be sure to schedule an appointment whether you already wear glasses or contacts or have never had a problem with your vision.

How often should I replace my prescription glasses?

We recommend scheduling a visit for an eye exam once a year, especially if you use contact lenses.

If need a new prescription, you can get your lenses and frames replaced or upgraded on the same day in the majority of cases.

What do I need to bring to my eye exam?

Be sure to bring any and all eyewear you currently use (but we can help no matter the situation).

If you have a prescription from another provider, we can create lenses to match your prescription on the spot.

Easy Sign-up Eye Exams

See our dedicated optometrist for an eye exam and prescription. It takes less than 15 minutes.

VC Vision Eye Exam